About Us

At Vived-Mota Co., we believe that success is not just about what you achieve, but how you achieve it. That's why we celebrate individuals who have shown a relentless work ethic and dedication to their craft, no matter what field they are in.

We know that success can come in many different forms. Whether you're a professional athlete who has trained tirelessly to become the best in your sport. Or you're a doctor who has spent years studying and practicing to save lives. Maybe you're an entrepreneur who has built a successful company from the ground up. Or maybe you're an artist, musician, or performer who has poured your heart and soul into your craft.

Whatever your story, we want to celebrate it. That's why we've created a line of high-end clothing that embodies the spirit of hard work, dedication, and success. Our clothes are designed to make you feel confident, powerful, and ready to take on the world.

When you wear Vived-Mota Co., you're not just wearing a piece of clothing. You're wearing a symbol of your own success and achievement. You're joining a community of individuals who have worked hard to get where they are and are proud of what they've accomplished.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel this sense of satisfaction and pride in what they've achieved. That's why we celebrate individuals from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe. We know that success knows no boundaries, and neither should the clothes you wear.

So if you're someone who has achieved great things in your life, we invite you to join us. Wear Vived-Mota Co. with pride, and let the world know that you're a force to be reckoned with.

Our story 

My journey into the world of fashion took an unconventional path that began with my college days working in carpet cleaning. Starting as an assistant, I gradually worked my way up to becoming a skilled carpet and upholstery cleaning technician, mastering the art of handling different fabrics with precision and detail. This experience instilled in me a keen eye for materials and their potential, as I would often assess various upholstery, area rugs, and carpets everywhere I went.
After college, I pursued a career in radiology, fulfilling my dream of working at Hasbro Children's Hospital. There, I encountered numerous underprivileged children and young adults facing various challenges, making me realize the widespread need for assistance and support. It was during this time that I dipped my toes into the fashion world, starting by creating and selling garments adorned with my own artwork.
As I delved deeper into the fashion industry, my expertise expanded beyond mere aesthetics. Drawing on my background in cleaning and knowledge of diverse fabrics, I became a dedicated student of the craft, honing my skills in designing, styling, and preserving the authenticity of each creation. Fashion, for me, evolved from mere art and interest into a powerful vehicle with a purpose.
The birth of my men's clothing brand, Vived-Mota Co., holds a profound connection to my personal roots. Its name is a combination of family names passed down through generations, embodying the celebration of true success driven by relentless work ethic and pride in what one does. Just as I approached my job during college, my career in helping children, and my passion in apparel, Vived-Mota Co. aims to make a difference.
Beyond crafting apparel, the brand's mission is to support young adults living in unfortunate circumstances, providing them with opportunities to pursue education and achieve their dreams. Through Vived-Mota Co., we strive to empower these individuals and enable them to access higher education or the necessary skills to follow their passions, thereby making a positive impact on their lives.
At Vived-Mota Co., we are here to blend fashion and purpose, infusing each garment with a sense of meaning and contributing to the betterment of lives in our community.
Thank you for reading,
Brian Mota 
Founder, Vived-Mota Co.