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Vived-Mota Co.

Vived-Mota Co. Genuine Short Sleeve Shirt "Charcoal" (Fold-Up Fit Option)

Vived-Mota Co. Genuine Short Sleeve Shirt "Charcoal" (Fold-Up Fit Option)

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Introducing the Vived-Mota Co. Genuine Short Sleeve "charcoal" shirt - seamlessly combining style and comfort.

Crafted from a premium blend of 60% polyester, 35% cotton, and 5% spandex, this midweight shirt is exceptionally soft and comfortable. The sleeves and chest area of the shirt contour to your body, creating a sleek and stylish look that's sure to turn heads. Meanwhile, the rest of the shirt flows down for maximum comfort and breathability. You can also fold up the sleeves for a more tailored look.

Whether you're dressing up for a night out on the town or simply running errands, the Vived-Mota Co. Genuine Short Sleeve "charcoal" shirt is the perfect choice. It's versatile, comfortable, and designed to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Experience the upscale quality and unmatched comfort of Vived-Mota Co. with our Genuine Short Sleeve "charcoal" shirt. Add it to your wardrobe today and elevate your style to the next level.

This is a limited edition product, and only a few are available for purchase. So don't wait, order yours now before they run out!

Care: Machine wash. Tumble dry low.

Fit: The option to fold up the sleeves for a more tailored look gives our shirt a versatile edge. So, classic fit to slim. 

Fabric: Pre-washed 60% polyester, 35% cotton, and 5% spandex

Why choose our shirt?

The Dilemma of Comfort vs. Style: Many men find themselves trapped in a perpetual battle between comfort and style. Traditional shirts often forces to choose one over the other, resulting in either discomfort or an unflattering fit. This compromise leaves them feeling restricted or unkempt, impacting their confidence and overall satisfaction with their appearance.

The Perfect Solution: Our crew neck shirt emerges as the perfect solution, seamlessly merging comfort and style into one exceptional garment. Crafted with a tailored fit around the chest and shoulders, it not only enhances the wearer's physique but also envelopes them in an unmatched softness. The unique blend of 60% polyester, 35% cotton, and 5% spandex ensures luxurious comfort and flexibility. The option to fold up the sleeves for a refined fitted look adds a touch of versatility to your outfit choices. Additionally, the curved bottom hem imparts a natural and polished appearance, making it a top choice for various occasions.

Elevating Beyond Competitors: What sets our crew neck shirt apart is meticulous design, focusing on delivering both style and comfort. The specific material blend guarantees enduring softness, stretch, and durability, ideal for all-day wear and various activities. Our unwavering attention to fit, fabric, and design separates us from the rest, ensuring easier styling, superior aesthetics, and unbeatable comfort. Unlike other shirts, ours withstands wash after wash without losing its shape, color, or softness.

A Year-Round Wardrobe Essential: Unveiling a shirt that remains comfortable and wearable throughout every season. Its adaptability shines through, whether it's the scorching summer or the chilly winter. The charcoal dark grey hue complements various color palettes, allowing you to effortlessly integrate it into your year-round style rotation.

Endless Styling Possibilities: From formal affairs to casual outings, our crew neck shirt embraces versatility. Fold up the sleeves for a tailored edge or wear it as is for a laid-back look. This shirt serves as a canvas for your style, easily layered and paired with a multitude of outfits, making it a cornerstone of your wardrobe.

Confidence Amplified: Discover the transformative power of clothing that enhances both appearance and attitude. Our crew neck shirt's impeccable fit, coupled with unrivaled comfort, elevates your confidence, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Invest in Quality: Unlike fleeting fashion trends, our crew neck shirt represents a lasting investment. You're not just purchasing a shirt; you're investing in enduring quality that maintains its allure over time. This commitment to excellence ensures that every wear is as exceptional as the first.

Experience True Durability and Easy Care: Our crew neck shirt defies the norm by retaining its quality even after multiple washes. The meticulous blend of materials and expert design ensure it holds its shape, color, and softness. This durability, coupled with ease of care, offers a clothing choice that outshines others in the market.

Whatever your story, we want to celebrate it. That's why we've created a line of high-end clothing that embodies the spirit of hard work, dedication, and success. Our clothes are designed to make you feel confident, powerful, and ready to take on the world.

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